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Commissioner Johnson pleased with reduction of tariff for work permits

Based on the request of the Executive Council of The Public Entity Saba and economic stakeholders from both public and private sectors, State Secretary of Security and Justice, Klaas Dijkhoff, has decided to lower the tariff for work permits on the Saba, St. Eustatius and Bonaire, as of October 1st 2015.

On January 1st of this year, the Dutch Government raised the tariff for work permits from $372 to $788, and increase of more than 100 per cent. Immediately after this increase took place the Executive Council and the stakeholders immediately expressed their concerns about the effect this would have on the business community.

The State Secretary’s decisions means that the tariff for work permits will be reduced to $500. Commissioner of Economic Affairs, Chris Johnson said that, “I’m pleased that the State Secretary has followed up on our request, however the tariff for work permits is still higher than it was in 2014. Further discussions will be held to reach an agreement between local and national government on how to establish tariffs in the future.” Commissioner Johnson continues to advocate that all immigration related tariffs be lower than in the European part of the Netherlands, because of the small scale of Saba’s economy.

Press release: Saba Government Information Service

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  1. This is not a win. This is just a reshuffling of one amount to the next over the scheme. Yes work permit fees went down but others went up to compensate that because as usual the Dutch never see their own mistakes so they must make the total amount collected the same as when they changed the tariff structure and not to what it was before. I guess they haven’t noticed that the fee for medical students have gone up. What a great job especially when their tuition also went up. Wonder which civil servant came up with that bright idea. But let Commissioner Johnson keep smiling because the Dutch are smiling right back. More pressure on SUSOM equals less investment and interest in the community in one way or the other.

  2. It is diabolic. Cries for changes are being echoed throughout. SABA is no exemption to the call. Operation save the BES islands. Start the conversations.

  3. concerned citizen

    Agreed “no win” this is theft and pathetic…

  4. Totally agree. This 500 is based on nothing, no backing or explanation why is could not be 374 or even less. It is one of these arrogant Dutch no-explanation decisions which we just have to swallow. But honestly speaking, with this outcome, I would feel that you lost the game with these Dutch. It is 1 – 0 for them. They please you a bit but in the meantime still get what they want. Typical example of traditional Dutch salesmen. And our Government is pleased with this. That expression only stimulates the Dutch to go even further. How smart can you be!!

    Saba Guru

  5. Hmmmm to me maybe we just needs a new commissioner as he never listening to us and his job to represent us. Whatever happen to that investigation regarding WIPM buying votes as the whole island know daddy secure many even before election day. Tired of this criminal acts yet they act like they so much better than we. Hmmmm time for a change is needed more and more and SLP better gets new candidates with stronger backgrounds next time if change is going to happen.

  6. There is a place and time for everything, but there are those who do not know this or ignore it. This article is about IND tariffs, and yet people push there own personal agenda’s for things completely unrelated. Practicing a little more decorum or better yet establish your own forum for debasing people.

    To the moderator, if you are truly moderating many of the comments above would have never seen the light of day.

  7. Surly Saban,
    Our approach is NOT to censor comments nor contributions. In principle, we just check on conformity with our House Rules. This holds that there is often a large gray area. Certainly, publication does not mean, that we concur with the contents of the comments or opinion posts. In our opinion, censoring would be worse.
    Editor Saba News