Tuesday , January 31 2023

Oil spill off Statia's coast

Statia Safe & Sound Foundation (SSS) have requested St. Eustatius’ Harbor Master, Mr. Austin van Heyningen, for information regarding reports of an oil spill that occurred on Friday, 31 July at about 9pm. According to these reports a hose of the Single Point Mooring (SPM) of NuStar’s oil terminal on the island ruptured while servicing an oil tanker. This caused the oil to escape into the sea. The sheen of the spill was seen heading into a western direction.

Nustar Single Point Mooring
NuStar’s Single Point Mooring the afternoon after the spill (Photo SSS)

SSS asked for information regarding the scale of the spill, its cause, its possible effects and measures taken after the spill.

Statia Safe & Sound was set up to work towards keeping St. Eustatius a safe place to live for everyone and to contribute to ensuring that the long term economic and social future of its people is based on sound decisions and solutions.

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