Wednesday , May 31 2023

Domino's and Winair now deliver pizza to Saba, Statia

Winair and Domino’s have partnered up to bring pizza deliveries to both Saba and St. Eustatius, a service made available as of August 1, writes The Daily Herald.

Residents of these islands can now “…be able to feast on their favourite Domino’s meal in the comfort of their own home.” The islands’ residents can order from the Domino’s location at Princess Juliana International Airport SXM, and prepay by credit card. Domino’s will then bake it right before the scheduled flight, and package it in an insulated heating bag for Winair to fly the order over, where it will be available for pickup at the Winair counters of the respective airports.

From left: Domino’s representative Shonella Puran and Winair Captain Frederic Rochemont with pizza in front of a Winair plane.
From left: Domino’s representative Shonella Puran and Winair Captain Frederic Rochemont with pizza in front of a Winair plane.

“Partnering with a company with a stature like Domino’s is not only desirable for Winair, but moreover an additional service we can offer the residents of the surrounding islands,” said Winair President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Cleaver.

Local Domino’s Franchisee John Caputo added that “Domino’s Mission Statement is to be the number one pizza delivery company in the world…and in every neighbourhood. With this partnership, we are taking this mission to new heights. Delivery by airplane! We are excited to partner with Winair to be able to provide this service that Saba and Statia residents have been longing for.”

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  1. Drs René Caderius van Veen


  2. After a long day of traveling to get to Saba, it’s going to be hard not to sneak a slice.

  3. My thoughts exactly.

  4. what is the problem with Winair bringing in domino’s pizza? who better to know that Saba people love domino’s that winair themselves. They fly in the passengers with KFC , pizza, shoarma and the list goes on and on. Funny how people kicking up about this however it was all good and well for a chiney from SXM to have a supermarket. Is it not so that competition is good? well i can only say in this case competition is also good. when the day ends pizza lovers will buy pizza where they choose.
    What is good for one should also be good for the next.

  5. Maybe they deliver me some KFC? hmmmmm

  6. I seem to remember this happening many years ago. If my memory is correct, this service was limited to Friday evening only.

  7. Why ridiculous? DRS does not like domino’s pizza? Well don’t buy it and don’t bother. If they wanna try this out what is wrong with this? Should be kept backwards or do we have a right to “improve” with pizza?
    Instead of worrying about Winair and Domino’s we better focus on more important issues like shortage of water!!!!! Maybe another possibility for Winair to support developemt on Saba by bringing in water?

    Saba Guru

  8. I don’t live in Saba (not yet…) but I would better spend my money in a Saba-based store than to give it to an international company.