Friday , March 1 2024

SEF appoints new president

James Franklin Wilson has been appointed as the new Saba Educational Foundation (SEF) President as of August 1.

James Franklin Wilson
James Franklin Wilson

In line with SEF’s statutory stipulations, the Executive Council of Saba made the decision to appoint Wilson after Stacey Simmons decided to resign as SEF President and Board Member as of August 1, for personal reasons.

Given Wilson’s extensive experience in education on Saba as both an educator and Head of the Education Department, his appointment is viewed by the Executive Council and SEF as an “asset and ideal opportunity” for the organisation entering into the 2015-2016 school year, Saba Government Information Service stated in a press release on Tuesday.

“I am cognizant of the fact that there will always be challenges along the way. However, with the concerted efforts and a spirit of cooperation by board members, staff members and parents alike, no task will be too daunting to tackle,” Wilson stated.

Wilson joins Secretary and Vice-President La-Toya Charles and Treasurer Gied Mommers as SEF board members.

Source: The Daily Herald.

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  1. Good now maybe this board will meet with parents about our concerns at that school as things has gone so downhill and shady last year. The school in a mess as they have the wrong man running things and upsetting everyone and hurting our kids education.

    Them form 5’s just graduated all force to take accounting CXE in one year and that not right and sets them at a disadvantage. When the Dutch sees they don’t do well they will question and blames the kids and teachers but it this new boss man that trying to make a name for heself on our kids backs.

    He need to go and Mr. Hemmie need to be brought back to fix all this confusion.

  2. Yes Saffy I agree 100% with you, Bring back Hemmie and I am sure we will get the meeting we all have been asking for. I am praying Mr Wilson will do his best and make sure that parents get to meet with teachers and let them know what is going on, he is a good man and a fair..
    (Shortened by editor)

  3. Congrats Mr. Franklin with your appointment as SEF president. You should have taken this position a few years ago because I am sure that all the commotion from last year, would not have happened under your leadership. And I have to agree with Saffy and Sabanbybirth that they have to bring Mr. Hemmie back into the school. He made the SCS feel proud with a great group of teachers and staff members.
    So Mr. Franklin, please do your thing and make sure that the students will get what is their right; proper education and stick to the rules and regulations and don’t allow clowns to run the show.
    Wish you good luck.

    Saba Guru

  4. why is it that on Saba only certain people are the only ones benefiting the chance to be on boards? always the same faces over and over again. take a look around on other boards its always the same people you see.come on lets give our youngsters or foreigners who have lived almost their lifetime here an opportunity.
    is this not a conflict of interest? is the new president of SEF not also Acting governor?
    Comes as no surprise for stuff like this only happens Saba.