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Cannabis plantation discovered on Saba


On Wednesday August 19th, 2015 in the morning hours a Cannabis plantation of approximately 100 plants was discovered by the police in a garden of a house on Saba.

The resident of the house, a Saban with the initials W.G,. was placed under arrest and the plants were confiscated, and will be destroyed by the police. The house  of the suspect was also raided by the police and drugs were found.

In interest of the ongoing investigation, this is all the official information that can be given at the moment.

Press release KPCN

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  1. Drs René Caderius van Veen

    Already in 2011 I informedthe police and the prosecutor about some areas where cannabis was growing. At that time she told the Executive Council that I had been accusing Bruce Zagers, just because of the fact that I was describing the area in which cannabis could be smelled (about 200 meters lower that the house of Zagers). I should have been prosecuting the prosecutor of false accusations but I heard it onle a year later.
    Anyway: Saba be happy that the police is performing well at this moment.

  2. So instead of it being grown and distributed locally among people who know each other, residents will have to rely on organized crime networks in St. Maarten. Queue the Benny Hill theme song. Great job, there.

  3. I wonder if it being grown for medical purposes? Personally, I don’t see why people are still getting arrested and thrown in jail for the growth or use of Marijuana. Hasn’t most of the Western world moved beyond that and now see the many benefits of legalizing marijuana …… not to mention how it also stimulates the economy.

    Why are the laws regarding possession of Marijuana here on the Dutch islands so different from those governing The Netherlands? Are we all not part of the Netherlands? Therefore, shouldn’t the same laws and principals apply ?

    Throwing someone in jail for this is, in my opinion, a huge waste of tax dollars. I applaud M.G’s entrepreneurial skills and they are also making some people on this rock very happy and mellow ….. not to mention the boost it gives the local supermarkets and restaurants when the munchies attack the 420 consumer…..Just say’en!

  4. Hmmmm no surprise that the first poster go snitch on folk and complain about funny smells.
    There other plants that smell similar and alcoholism on this island a much bigger concern than people who wants to smoke. You don’t hear about potties beating up they wife or mashing up they car when they drives home on a Friday night.
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  5. In the Netherlands he would have been arrested as well. I believe you’re allowed to have 5 plants for each member of the household provided you own the place and neighbours are not bothered by it (smell). There are more rules as for the quantity etc etc.

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  6. Hope he plants a little further from the house next time.
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  7. Saba The smelling Rock

    (shortened by editor)

  8. Learn the facts before commenting! The guy’s house is in the mountain. No neighbor’s and no electricity, Away from civilization. A true farmers life . Not being a menace to anyone!
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  9. Legaliz it .its the heeling of the nation.

  10. I know where it is, I could see the plants from the trail since months ago.