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Governments warn for hurricane Danny

Press Release August 19th 2015

The disaster committee of Statia hereby informs the general public of the developing tropic storm Danny. Currently registering wins of 50 mph and is projected to increase in intensity as it approaches the Islands chain (see below). On the current path Danny is projected to be in our vicinity as a Tropical Storm by Monday 24th August 2015, all residence are advised to monitor the system over the course of the coming days in order to take timely action should this be advised. As we approach the most active part of our yearly hurricane season the general public is reminded to keep your property and neighborhoods clear of loose debris that could cause damage during a storm. Report any areas of concerns to the authority and stay tuned to local media for regular updates and developments regarding this system.

Danny 2015-08-20

For information fromSaba Government you need to log in to their Facebook page. You can access it through the menu: Saba Online / Governmental Services.

The Lt. Governor writes:

We have been monitoring Tropical Storm Danny for the past few days now. Island Government of Saba – Government Information Services has been and will continue to provide updates. I would like to encourage all residents to take the necessary precautionary measures as the storm continues to develop into a hurricane. The current forecast is predicting the storm to be in our region on Monday, August 24th. Do not wait until it is too late! Let us learn from the storm which affected St. Maarten last year. Clear around your homes of any debris and start going over your hurricane plan. As more information becomes available we will inform you accordingly.

For the evolution of Danny, check out the info at the US hurricane center under the News menu / weather information on this site or click HERE.

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