Tuesday , March 5 2024

Update on student homicide case

Following the press release of July 27, 2015 about the investigation Hector, the Prosecutor’s Office BES reports the following: under the circumstances that the accused is no longer in custody, the team has considered what this means for the investigation tactics. Several additional studies have been taking place in the forensic area. The investigation team is still working closely together with the Dutch Forensic Institute. The results of the forensic examination reveal new research opportunities that the team is investigating.

Nationale Politie (The Police Force of The Netherlands) announced that The Netherlands again made additional specialized detectives available. Police and Prosecutor’s office in the Caribbean Netherlands appreciate this very much, because it provides more research possibilities.
No statements can be made regarding the development of the ongoing investigation.

Press release Public Prosecutor

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  1. Where is the update on this?
    (Shortened by editor)

  2. Waiting for a real update. Please bring justice to her.

  3. Like to Remain Anonymous

    Crimes in Islands are not resolved conclusively, especially with Dutch control. Natalie Halloway in Aruba, and now this. Why is it so hard to find the real person on a 3 sq mile island?

  4. I would like to know why the local police go in and scrub the apartment down before they try to obtain fingerprints and DNA. Many people seen this and knows it so and it doesn’t make sense other than to try to cover things up and make it impossible to get any evidence. Yet fools on here still say to go and talk to the police if you know of anything but we all know better not to talk to they.

  5. What is the update on Hector case