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Opinion: Saba Guru reviews report onderwijsinspectie on performance SCS-Vocational stream

Dear Editor,

On May 18th an inspection report was published by the Dutch Inspectorate based on the Vocational stream and the qualification of this stream/curriculum.

This report can be found at

I can’t remember that anybody, including PTA and MR and most of all the SCS, informed you about this evaluation.

Therefore I will give you a clear and objective report on this evaluation inspection document that will influence your child; in particular those in the vocational stream but also for those in other classes.

The report states at page 5:

The teachers have after the examination in 2014 the instruments of the two courses in a short period of time greatly improved, which is below the conditions can be considered an achievement. Students in 2014 examined under the enhanced instruments and could only result in October exam. The school has demonstrated through its actions for realization the urgency of the findings at the time. Nevertheless also satisfy the exams. The three programs do not meet the requirements. Again, the inspection finds that the instruments , the decline and the assessment and the certification are  not sufficient.

 With other words the examination is not according to Dutch Standards and therefore diploma’s can be questioned.

It further states:

The candidate must have a minimum core for all satisfactory assessments.  Additionally required for presentation of the diploma practical training is assessed as satisfactory and also that 60 percent of the remaining tasks of all subjects in the portfolio are rated as satisfactory.  A substantial part of these mission , however, has no obvious connection with the qualification file. That means that a student could fail on requirements which are not derived from the current qualification file.

In other words, a qualification file is the most important document for each student to prove that they have accomplished the required assignments. Who is responsible to follow up on these files?

In conclusion they state that:

The rating requirement also does not comply. The guidelines for assessment are not always directly linked to the work and are not specific enough to guarantee an independent and objective assessment. There has not been shown any information what must be at least obtained by the candidate to get the verdict ‘pass’ . Criteria for the assessment “good” are also missing . Finally, the regulation does not provide assessments of the two reviewers separately and there is insufficient opportunity to support the judgments. This is not only at the expense of the care of the assessment, it also limits the scope of the examination committee for the control of the assessment process.

 This clearly indicates that the examination committee cannot act as it is supposed to act since rules and regulations are not met.

They further state:

. The examination instrumentation  does not meet the requirements . It looks neat but the core tasks first , fourth , fifth and eighth  are insufficiently covered by the  assignments, because not enough work processes are being tested.

. The rating requirement also does not comply. The guidelines for assessment are not always directly linked to the work and are not specific enough to guarantee an independent and objective assessment. There are no requirements stating that the student gets at least  verdict ‘pass’ . Criteria for the assessment “good” are also missing.

. The decline and assessment does not meet the basic quality

. Because of the already reported shortcomings of the assessment requirement does not ensure that all students in similar circumstances also be assessed in the same way.. The authenticity  does not meet the qualifications  either. Although during all seven tests the presence of an assessor from the field is available does not guarantee the level and verdict.

. However, because there is only simulated situations and not from real situations in professional practice, it is no guarantee that the candidate masters all kinds of skills that are required in professional practice.

. Transparency is absolutely not available.  The examination of the two different areas differentiates tremendously. . Existing tests of ‘ Back of the house’ which cover the core 1,2,7 and 8 assignments are  insufficient. Many activities may be tested, but it is not a guaranteed that the work is not only in the restaurant , but also be done in the kitchen.. The core tasks and work processes  of the ” Service” are insufficiently tested.

. The caesura of the two exit specializations does not meet the basic qualification criteria.

. The evaluation method of the two exit specializations does not meet the basic quality. An assessment protocol for both exit specializations is missing.

. The decline and assessment does not meet the basic quality . Because of the already reported shortcomings of the assessment requirement does not ensure that all students in similar circumstances also are assessed in the same way .

. Authenticity does not satisfy the appeal . These are exclusively simulated situations and therefore no real situations in professional practice.

The conclusion is  that the competent authority shall ensure that the quality of examinations and certification will improve  within a year. In the spring of 2016 the inspection renews investigation into the quality of examinations and certification in the studied programs.

To conclude, the SCS does not meet the required standards. With a director, who was a department leader in VMBO before in The Netherlands, you may assume that he has te skills and knowledge to get this program up and running. Apparently he has not these skills and our kids are paying the price for this.

Why do I write this stuff? Not to be negative about our school, as Dimitry is stating. Not to bring anybody down. Just to inform those who are involved in secondary education, like myself, because the school does not inform us about any development. So I feel that it is my duty to inform you correctly about the developments within the SCS, only based on fact and no rumors and not on gossip and melly.

By the way, I m Saban and colored and do therefore not fit in the former principals body. I hope that this will stop the rumors.

Saba Guru

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  1. Dear Saba Guru, I stand with you 100% and agree with you. We, the parents of the SCS, do not get all the facts and the Minister of Education know for a fact that the Principal Mr Herman is NOT in the welfare of the kids, he has his own agenda, or they know it and do not care one bit..
    I am glad that you point out you are Saban and colored so they will not say you are a foreigner and do not know what you are talking about. Thank you for the update and for looking out for US, the parents, even if some do not want to hear what you have to say. I DO.

  2. This is very strange, I am a parent and yesterday was a parent teacher meeting at the SCS and when the Q &A moment arrived no one asked any question (s).

    Where were you Saba GURU? I believe you are who everyone thinks you are because I am black and no black person ever calls himself/ herself “colored”.

    I believe the school is on the right path, and it will only get better with MORE parents participation.

    Look at the results!!!

  3. Dear Moses,
    On September 1st you posted a reaction based on my article about the inspection report and their findings about the vocational educational stream.
    It took me a little while to digest what you were reporting.
    1. First of all the parent teacher meeting was re-scheduled as usual so that not a full force could turn up, including me. Not everyone was notified about the changes in date. A failure on management!!!!
    2. The school is going for self-destruction. You cannot use the school results (since they are subjective) for the overall performance and stating that the school is going in the right direction. Let me explain why Moses.
    – The Dutch teachers are not qualified to teach Cambridge Dutch.
    – There is no physical education teacher qualified to teach.
    – The care coordinator is not qualified to do her job
    – The director is not qualified to direct a school
    – The director shows inabilities towards the MBO and VMBO program. Although that should be his background (See inspection report)
    – The financial situation of the SCS is close to bankrupt. OCW representatives had to come over to Saba to explain this to the director.
    – The current school board is not interfering as promised. They leave the school to the director to run without any supervision. The three board members are on a so called non-active duty seen their interest and commitment in other areas that pays them much better. So the questions remains: what can this active board do for our students, we as parents and for those as teachers? Is this again a lost battle which we have seen so often in the past? Get your responsibility as board member and forget about your financial monthly contribution but take a stand and act as responsible representatives of a secondary school board. We all depend on you. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?
    3. The last point you make has value. The more parents unite, the more voices will be heard so that out of all the parents a new direction can be developed, which could eventually affect you as a teacher as well.
    4. Last but not least I like to state again strongly and clearly (so that Moses gets the point) I am not the former Principal. I leave him in peace. If you are interested in who I am, just read my comments and maybe you will get the picture.
    (Shortened by editor)

  4. I shall say that I too could not make the parent night as it was in the calendar for end of September and they move it a month in advance with no notice. A lot of nonsense still going on at SCS. Whee is these toilets from Holland? I hear from my children that they new gym is very pretty are so dam hot inside that they cannot breath as these dutch contractors block off the main door that allow childrens to enter and leave but also for air to flow. Why Dutch hired when they are plenty of people on the island capable of this work.
    (Shortened by editor)