Friday , December 1 2023

Isabella presents Plan of Action for Statia to Plasterk

On Tuesday September 1st Kingdom Representative Isabella presented the Plan of Action regarding the financial and administrative problem of Statia to Minister Plasterk of the Interior and Kingdom relations. The Plan of Action was drafted by the Steering Committee.

 On June 10th the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations placed St. Eustatius under tightened administrative supervision and gave instruction based on the Law Finance Public Entities BES. On June 11th the Kingdom Representative received the assignment to set up a Steering Committee and come up with a Plan of Action by September 1st. The Island Governor and Island Secretary worked on the drafting of the Plan of Action.

“The Plan of Action provides a number of concrete suggestions which the Minister can discuss with the Executive Council. The proposed action points from the Plan of Action should lead to the improvement of administrative and decision-making processes on Statia.

  1. The Plan of Action briefly outlines how ‘good governance’ can be achieved and supported.
  2. The mentioned action points are based on and are linked mainly to previously identified bottlenecks that were also raised through administrative, official and signals from people of the island,” said Isabella.

In close cooperation and in consultation with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the College for Financial Supervision (CFT), the Kingdom Representative agreed with the proposal to set up an Expert group that will further work out details of the financial management.

The implementation of the Plan of Action should lead to a for all parties acceptable form of ‘good governance’. The implementation of the Plan of Action could take place gradually and will undoubtedly lead to further  discussion and dialogue, but is ultimately ‘a task for all of us ’ in the interest of the island and the people of Statia.

“In this context and the current administrative situation that has arisen I will, together with the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations, pay an extra visit  to St. Eustatius on September 14th, and, there again, hold extra talks with the Island Governor, Commissioners and Island Council”, said Isabella.

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