Friday , December 1 2023

Roaming animals will be taken off the street on Statia

The Daily Herald reports today, that Statia is taking action against roaming animals. The Director of the Animal and Husbandry Department LVV Anthony Reid is informing all animal owners that all roaming animals must be taken off the street as of today, Thursday, October 1. The unit at LVV will be rounding up all roaming animals from the streets, and will have them impounded.

Owners of animals that are impounded are advised that they have a two-day period to claim their animals before these animals
become the property of the Government, says Reid. The owners of any impounded animals are also informed that they would have to cover the cost of services used while the animals are impounded.

Like on Saba, the law forbids all animals on Statia from roaming the public roads. All animals on the island must be tagged and/or chipped for identification, he reiterates. All farmers or animal owners can take their concerns to LVV by calling 318-2757 or 318-6312.

Reid said that, with the recent showers the island has received, the grass has grown quite a bit. This should help with the hungry animals in need of grass.

Because the department is presently short staffed, anyone in the community who would like to offer his or her assistance with
the impounding of the loose roaming animals are welcome to offer their services, said Reid. Reid should be contacted at the
department for further information.

A number of people have expressed skepticism about the action, as it had been requested for many years. They said they will
wait to see if the endeavor will be carried out.

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