Wednesday , February 1 2023

Saba Island Properties partners up with Christie's Real Estate

Albert Pensis and Michael Feeley proudly announced their partnership with art auction house R365/ Christie’s International Real Estate. Saba Island Properties was selected, by invitation only, to be their exclusive brokers on Saba. They will be working with Christie’s in the Caribbean, Europe (the Netherlands) and the United States.

A front-runner in real estate worldwide, Christie’s brand is recognized for the past 250 years as one of the world’s premier auction houses.

“Now, as a real estate affiliate with R365/Christie’s we’re able to promote properties and land for sale in a new and larger way through an extensive network of connections, real estate agents, publications and meetings worldwide,” said Feeley.

Through listings on Christie’s six-language website; their digital showcase for properties worldwide; promotions in The Wall Street Journal, Country Life, Prop Go Luxury and other publications; representation at exhibitions in Europe such as at KLM Open golf tournament, Beverly Hills Conference and London Russian Art Auction; referrals from their vast connection of the world’s top brokers and advertising in their own brochure and the upcoming Caribbean edition are to open up the world for properties in Saba.

Christie’s expressed the joint collaboration this way: “Christie’s International Real Estate built its reputation on the rigorous selection of local brokerages. Our affiliates are selected for their success in property sales and their ability to meet strict standards of excellence. When awarded affiliate status, they gain access to our global marketing programmes, worldwide network of more than 138 affiliates and 32,000 agents across more than 46 countries, and the expertise of the regional management teams.”

It is the aim of Saba Island Properties to be world-class with every person and property they work with, even on a small Caribbean island. “We always want to do meaningful work and constantly ask if the work we do and the services we offer are worthy of the customer right now and also in the long run. We hope to match our customers’ expectations and what they are looking to experience when buying or selling a home or land. People deserve a superb level of commitment and care from us,” Pensis and Feeley said. “Christie’s acknowledges that we’re authentic and uniquely qualified at what we do. They honour our presence in the international real estate market valuing our high standards and the expertise we offer all our clients, as well as all potential sellers and buyers here in the Caribbean and around the world.”

The two real estate agents said the “prominent invitation” from R365/Christie’s is in recognition of their name and success in the real estate industry. “It is a tribute to the unlimited strategy, time and love we pour into our business The work is paying off and…it feels great to be identified by people at the top of the profession. What a boost this is as we continue to grow and tell people about Saba and what it has to offer. Most importantly we thank many, many people here on Saba; friends and clients from all over, for their trust and belief in our work,” they said.

Source: The Daily Herald.

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One comment

  1. What terrible news.
    Now Saba is even more open to international speculation on the housing market. How on earth is this benefiting Sabans beyond a one-time sale of their houses and properties? On an island with high prices and low wages, how could the average Saban resist selling their house for increasingly inflated prices to rich foreigners? How are young Sabans going to be able to afford to purchase a house on their own island? With each sale Saba becomes less Saban. These two real estate agents really need to consider whether their lust for money is truly more important than the cultural integrity of this island. Saba has just 1,500 residents, and once Saba turns into St. Maarten, there’s no going back.