Saturday , June 3 2023

Scrap Metal to be shipped off Saba

Over the next few days the Public Entity of Saba will be doing an island wide cleanup by removing car wrecks. These car wrecks, along with the metal stored at the landfill, will be shipped off island to a supplier abroad. The ship that will transport the metal is scheduled to arrive on Monday, November 2nd and it is estimated that it will take a maximum of two days to load the ship.

In order to facilitate a faster turnaround for the ship, the scrap metal will be stored in the container yard at the harbor in Fort Bay during the weekend. While this will be unsightly and may disrupt the normal operations of the Harbor, it is only for a short time and the cleanup is necessary. If persons need assistance to remove metal, they can contact the Department of Public Works. The Executive Council apologies in advance for any inconveniences that may be caused at the harbor during the operations.

Press release GIS Saba

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