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Believe in the Youth Academy comes to Saba

Throughout November, Child Focus Foundation will host music and basketball workshops by Marco Volcy and Ricky Volcy, initiators of Believe in the Youth Academy located in Montreal, Canada.

The workshops are for students in forms one through fi ve and will take place November 2 through 26 on Mondays through Thursdays from 2:15pm to 5:00pm, with an early release on Wednesdays at 4:00pm.

Those who attend the basketball workshop will strengthen their fundamental basketball skills and gain a better understanding of the game. The instructor will focus the students’ attention on developing and getting results, instead of bowing to peer pressure or other such fears. The goal for all athletes is that they grow in their confi dence and self-esteem.

The primary goal of the music workshop is to encourage development of the creative, intuitive, and intellectual capabilities of students. Music may be used in combination with other intervention actions to create a positive school atmosphere and reduce aggressive behaviour.

Students will learn to write their own songs, record music and learn the skills of creating a music video. They will also have a visit from a female special guest artiste and DJ who will be hosting a hip hop poetry slam session with the participants.

Marco Volcy, music workshop instructor.
Marco Volcy, music workshop instructor.

Marco has visited Saba several times, having a wife in medical school and a child who attended the Sacred Heart School. During his visits, he was able to get to know some of the youth on the island through joining in their evening basketball sessions.

On one of his last visits, he approached the project leader of Child Focus to discuss the possibility of hosting workshops for teens on Saba, as he felt his work could be benefi cial to adolescents who he had gotten to know on a personal level.

Marco and Ricky are brothers who initiated Believe in the Youth Academy in order to work with youth of the First Nations Communities in remote regions of Canada.

Marco is a professional singer and musician. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Media Production and New Technology from Northern Michigan University, in the United States.

He has released three solo music albums and has produced numerous albums for different artistes around the world.

Ricky Volcy, basketball workshop instructor.
Ricky Volcy, basketball workshop instructor.

Ricky is a professional basketball player with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the same university. He was part of the All American team while he was playing college basketball in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). He has also played basketball professionally in France, Spain and Switzerland.

Students can register by returning their completed registration forms to the Saba Comprehensive School where they will be collected by the project leader or by calling Child Focus.

In this case, children will have to bring an extra snack as the activities start right after classes end. They also have the option of purchasing food from the school canteen which will be on sale at 2:00pm. Busses will provide transportation home.

The Music workshop will be hosted in the Saba Comprehensive School art room and the Basketball workshop will take place at the gymnasium. Registration for these workshops has already started and is still ongoing.

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