Saturday , December 3 2022

Public Assistance 2015 program Open for requests

Persons who may need help with funding for minor repairs to their home now have the opportunity to apply for the Public Assistance Fund 2015 which will be open for requests as of November 15th. The Public Assistance Fund is there for households who do not have the necessary means to pay for repairs themselves. For the first time this year the Executive Council also sought collaboration with several social partners on the island to make the fund into a joint effort to reach those that need it most.

The fund will be focusing on senior citizens and families with children, whose income is not sufficient. Applications for funding will be accepted until December 31st 2015. The Public Assistance Fund has been in place for several years now and has been used to help many persons on the island repair their homes when they would otherwise not be able to afford it.

The money can be used for small repairs such as roofing, gutters, and shutters, but cannot be used for structural changes to the home.

Request forms and further information for the grants, which may be up to $5,000, are available at all the participating organizations: Saba Healthcare Foundation, Centre for Youth and Family and RCN/Social Affairs

Commissioner of Finance, Bruce Zagers stated, “Organisations like the Saba Healthcare Foundation with their Home Healthcare program, and the Center for Youth and Family know very well which households need help, but don’t have the necessary means to offer that help. With this initiative we connect the Public Assistance Fund to the insights that they have to be able to help the people that need it most.” All social partners involved are confident that this program will make a difference in the lives of many households in need.

The funds for the Public Assistance were received out of the so-called ‘Integrale Middelen’, a fund from National Government for socio-economic initiatives, as well as out of the so-called FZOG-fund, that is being managed by the Saba Healthcare Foundation.

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