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SCS celebrated 100% pass rate on Saturday the 24th

On Saturday afternoon, October 24, 2015 Saba Comprehensive School graduated 18 students (11 Academic, 3 Vocational and 4 PrO) at their graduation ceremony at Saba University School of Medicine. Master of Ceremony was Mr. Delroy Sinclair who amused the full house with his great sense of humor. Ms. Michelle Martie welcomed everyone present after which all graduates entered the building and sang the Saban Anthem, followed by the Invocation by Father Simon Wilson from the Catholic Church. Speeches were given by Governor Jonathan Johnson, Commissioner of Education Chris Johnson, Saba Educational Foundation President Franklin Wilson and Director Anton Hermans. The present Form 5 students gave a beautiful rendition of the song Still I Fly by Spence Lee, followed by the Keynote address by Island Council Lady Ms. Monique Wilson and the graduates’ presentation which was another beautiful rendition of the song Fly by Avril Lavigne.

Lieutenant Governor and Pauline (Photo SCS)
Lieutenant Governor Johnson and Pauline Every
(Photo SCS)

Diplomas were then presented, followed by the presentation of special awards. Jody Morgan graduated as Valedictorian receiving a special prize from Satel N.V. and delivered her address urging all her fellow graduates to continue to spread their wings across the universe as their theme said. Michel Hassell who was unable to attend as he is already enrolled in college, graduated Salutatorian receiving a special prize from the Saba Educational Foundation.

Everyone present was treated to a surprise when Michel made a surprising and visual appearance via Skype, where he was able to personally give his touching speech to the audience and fellow graduates. MBO Valedictorian Lydia Hassell was awarded one week training with a Master Chef by Queen’s Gardens Resort after which she delivered her motivating Valedictorian address. The Principal’s Award went to student Veronica Alvarez Londono, followed by Most Improved students Esmeralda Simmons from Academic, Shurendy Winfield from MBO and Cheralyn Cox from PrO. PrO graduate Cheralyn Cox also received a special award from Dr. Joka Blaauwboer on behalf of Saba Health Care Foundation for her dedicated work at the A. M. Edwards Hospital and was even offered a full time job. Dr. Blaauwboer mentioned that the SHCF is committed to continue working with the SCS students who are interested in the field of nursing and would continue to hire more students in the future.

The Perseverance Award was granted to Neil Wilson who had graduated last year but returned to SCS and signed up for 3 CXC subjects passing all three. Subject awards for English, Math, IT, Business, and Spanish were also awarded to students who achieved a grade 1 or a distinction (all A profiles). Present Form 5A students Aureanna Nation, Kavita Leverock, Natalia Peterson and Jordan Every were also given awards for subjects they had written and passed with a grade 1 or distinction in Form 4.

After all awards were presented, the Mantle was passed on from the graduates to students of the present Form 5, asking them to continue to be exemplars and leaders at SCS and be successful as well. The Vote of Thanks was eloquently delivered by graduate Escarlen Rosa Vasquez, followed by the toast to the graduates by the homeroom teachers and the reception for all at the SUSOM cafeteria.

The entire SCS is extremely proud to be able to once again have a 100% pass rate and wishes to extend words of encouragement to all graduates and sincere congratulations to their families. The 18 graduates have made not only their families proud, but the school and the Saban community as well.



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