Tuesday , March 5 2024

St. John's home destroyed by fire

The home of Lillian Leverock in St. John’s, Saba, was destroyed by fire Wednesday, around 3:00pm, writes The Daily Herald.

Although members of the Fire Department were on the scene very quickly, the house was fully engulfed by the time they arrived and there was little they could do other than control the fire and keep it from spreading.

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The house, which is located below Saba Comprehensive School, was unofficially reported to be a complete loss.

Leverock’s daughter Kavita and her son Kareem were seen heading away from the house and being consoled as the Fire Department arrived.

A large group of friends, family and neighbours as well as Island Governor Jonathan Johnson gathered at the scene, concerned for Lillian and her family.

Police secured the area and other than one of the officers saying: “It’s a tragedy,” there were no official comments available at this time from the Police or Fire Department.

There were no reported injuries as everyone was able to escape the fire.

Leverock has four children and is a registered nurse, currently working at A.M. Edwards Medical Centre in The Bottom. She also works at Scout’s Place as a waitress/bartender. She is well-liked in the community and considered a hard worker who is struck by this tragedy.

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  1. Thankfull for spared lives


  3. Its a great loss when forces like fire, destroys dwelling homes. It is usually a kind of loss which cannot be replaced. In most cases memories of past events, items and cherished personal belongings are destroyed, never to be replaced.
    Nevertheless,I am lifted up by the outpouring of support given by neighbours and friends,to comfort the family for this loss and knowing Sabians as I do, I know that all will be well with them .
    I do hope the family would be able to overcome the loss and rebuild themselves and home, with the kind of community support necessary at this time.

    God’s Blesssing

    Adopted Son.

  4. Thanks for your kind words.