Thursday , December 7 2023

A new Saba volleyball champion is crowned

The Pre-Saba Day RCN Public Entity Volleyball Tournament concluded with a thrilling battle as Block Party beat previously undefeated Sinking Bullets. Both teams played extremely well and the matches were back and forth until Block Party finally tasted victory with a closely battled 5th set.

Block Party’s Oswald Gomez slams home a point while teammates look on.
Block Party’s Oswald Gomez slams home a point while teammates look on.

A good crowd attended the semi finals and finals and were well entertained by the exciting play.

Unfortunately Spiking Smashers, due to exams and SCS Eliminators, due to a school trip, were forced to drop out of the tournament, but the remaining four teams played well and thoroughly enjoyed the competition.

Johan Schaeffer president of The Saba Volleyball Association said SVA is very pleased with the RCN taking the initiative in organizing such a tournament for the third year in a row.

A cooperation like this makes it possible for the sport to reach many on a broad level. RCN took care of the actual organization of the tournament, while the SVA together with PE teacher Jarmila Wilson- Berkel made sure a playing schedule was in place, all players were registered and the invaluable contribution of the volunteers as referees, linesmen and scorers ensured a successful tournament.

Schaeffer says “the SVA would like to invite other organizations on Saba to organize their own tournaments as well during the year. Keep the ball flying!”

The Daily Herald.

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