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Domino's, Winair treat Saba school children to free pizza

Domino’s Pizza and Winair gave students in Saba a delicious treat in honour of Saba Day, celebrated last Friday, writes The Daily Herald.

Pupils from one of the schools all set to receive their free pizza.
Pupils from one of the schools all set to receive their free pizza.

Domino’s said “many pizzas” were flown by Winair to Saba on Friday where a representative of Domino’s and Winair delivered them to the island’s schoolchildren. “It’s pretty cool to think that a whole island of schoolchildren enjoyed free slices of pizza delivered by airplane,” Domino’s franchisee John Caputo said. “Domino’s Pizza always has been an active and positive part of the communities in which we serve. It was a pleasure to provide this treat in honour and thanks of Saba Day and the upcoming holiday season.”

The pizzas were made “hot and fresh” at the Domino’s location at Princess Juliana International Airport SXM and were accompanied on the Winair flight by Domino’s Manager Audrey Agard. Once in Saba, they went straight to the various schools where they were served to the anxiously awaiting students and staff.”

Domino’s and Winair partnered earlier in the year to provide delivery of pizzas to Saba and St. Eustatius on regularly scheduled flights. Customers can call the airport location at 721- 546-7722 or by local call on Chippie 599-416-7380 or Tel- Cell 599-416-1564 to place their orders and they will be delivered on a Winair flight. There is only a US $2.75 delivery charge added to the order for this service and customers get the same pricing and specials as those in St. Maarten.

Domino’s said this partnership garnered worldwide attention in August when the two companies set a world record by delivering to eight countries/islands from a single Domino’s location all in less than 46 minutes.

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