Friday , March 24 2023

Mysterious illness strikes Saba dogs

A mysterious canine illness has quickly hit Saba, writes The Daily Herald.
Seven dogs have been showing similar symptoms in the past four days.

“At this time the only common factor is that all of the dogs have been swimming at Cove Bay and or Fort Bay,” Saba’s Veterinary Technician Cassandra “Casey” Holm said.

Fort Bay was recently dredged. Jelle van der Velde of Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) said there is a chance bacteria or foreign bodies under the sand could have been stirred up with the dredging and possibly made the dogs ill if they had swum before everything settled.
Fort Bay is considered a popular and safe recreational site and is regularly frequented by swimmers and snorkelers.

Holm advised that if a dog shows symptoms of vomiting, diarrhoea or both to start by withholding food and water for 24 hours. After this time, one can start by giving them ice cubes for hydration and small meals, such as boiled chicken or drained ground beef with white rice.

If they still have diarrhea after these measures, dog owners are urged to call Holm at tel. 721-522-2637.

If pets have any of the above mentioned symptoms, owners are urged not to take them to public places or take them out swimming. “If it’s a must to take the pets for walks, please pick up the faeces and dis pose of them properly until it clears up to avoid other pets getting it,” Holm cautioned.

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