Friday , March 24 2023

Isabella urges RCN to keep up good work

Dutch Government Representative Gilbert Isabella called upon civil servants of Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN to support the execution of a number of plans on the basis of the Multi-Annual Programme.

“As civil servants, your support is also needed in this regard. The preparation of your work should help the central government and the local government make the right decisions,” Isabella told his audience during RCN’s New Year’s reception held Friday at Eugenius Johnson Centre in Windwardside.

As works in progress, Isabella mentioned the improvements in the sustainability of waste management on Saba, the construction of the new power plant and “more impulses” to stimulate the economy.

The coordination of all activities and programmes linked to the Rights of the Child will also be high on the agenda, Isabella said. This will require many persons and organizations working together, he said.

“I am a firm believer that cooperation is the single most important ingredient to get and keep things moving in the right direction. We must work together and we must want to work together. By working together our contributions will bring us further along and will gradually produce more and better results.”

The Government Representative also took time reflecting on the past year. As highlights of 2015 he mentioned the 40th anniversary of Carnival “with an impressive parade,” the 30th anniversary of the Saba Flag and the 40th anniversary of Saba Day, which, he said, is becoming one of the island’s biggest cultural events.

He said the staging of “Lion King” and “Sister Talk” with “Idol” Nadia Turner were among new and exciting events for the youth.

In terms of infrastructural developments, Isabella mentioned improvements at the airport and Saba Electric Company’s expansion with a brand-new power plant. On-island notary services were arranged and will continue in 2016.

Also, the evaluation of the effects of constitutional changes took place and there were Island Council elections in March. In June, the Dutch government signed the Multi- Annual Programme with the island government of Saba, Isabella said, who is Government Representative for one year now.

“A lot has been achieved and there is still more work to be done,” he said in commending the civil service. “As central government workers on Saba, you are always on your job and on time serving the people of this island. In most cases, you do this without the direct supervision of your supervisor who does not always live on Saba. This is one of the limitations of a small island and therefore such a large appeal is made to your sense of integrity, responsibility and awareness,” Isabella said in urging RCN’s civil servants to keep up their good work.

The Daily Herald.

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