Wednesday , March 22 2023

'Live your Best Life Now' inspiring workshop credo

A group of 40 people from Saba took part in a “Live your Best Life Now” workshop, which was hosted by Beverly Whitfield, who is originally from Saba and was visiting from the Netherlands.

Last weekend’s event was sponsored by Body, Mind and Spirit and Saba Lions Club.

After an opening dance to “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner, the mood was set. The goal of the workshop was to make women aware that they hold the power to create their own best life and to create the body they want.

Sabans attending the “Live your Best Life Now” workshop.
Sabans attending the “Live your Best Life Now” workshop.

It all starts with living a healthy lifestyle, Whitfield said, telling her audience how a diet of raw plant-based foods can help with this.

After an exercise on setting goals in life, participants were offered a wide variety of raw food tast ings. The biggest surprise was Whitfield’s “epic” raw cheesecake which is not baked and contains no sugar, flour or dairy product.

A number of participants were very inspired and joined a Facebook group to keep up the healthy standards that were set.

Visitors said they were already looking forward to a follow-up workshop on the preparation of raw food next year.

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