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Government Appeals to Residents to Help Reduce Mosquito Population; Measures to Be Taken Against Non-Compliance

Government Appeals to Residents to Help Reduce Mosquito Population; Measures to Be Taken Against Non-ComplianceThe Public Entity Saba is appealing to residents to do their part to help reduce the mosquito population. Because of the ongoing rains there has been an increase in the mosquito population around the island. Regular controls by the Department of Vector Control (Mosquito Control) have shown that while many homeowners are taking the necessary measures to eliminate areas where mosquitos can breed, there are others who can do more to assist in removing possible breeding sites from around their home.

A wheelbarrow left to collect water, mosquito larvae was found in the water.
A wheelbarrow left to collect water, mosquito larvae was found in the water.

Mosquitos transmit dangerous diseases

Mosquitos can transmit diseases such as dengue and chikungunya. While there has been no local transmission of chikungunya on the island there have been many cases in the surrounding islands. More recently another mosquito borne illness, Zika, has been identified in the region. Zika’s symptoms which are similar to chikungunya include: feeling flu like, joint pain and headache. Research indicates that Zika may also pose harm to the fetus of pregnant women, another reason why eliminating mosquitos is necessary.

Government to take measures against homeowners that do not cooperate

In the coming months, homeowners that continue to allow breeding areas to accumulate around their property will receive letters from the Department of Vector Control requesting action on such sites. Homeowners should remove, empty or cover objects that can hold water (such as flower plates and pots, used tires, discarded cans and bottles) on a weekly basis, and alter structures that hold water (e.g. repair cistern covers, drill holes in gravity tanks that are not used). If the homeowners do not comply measures will be taken to remedy the situation. The expectation is that persons will cooperate before this measure is taken, as entering the property of homeowner is a last resort and will only be done if necessary to safeguard the public health.

Saba Government Information Service.

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  1. I also understand that because the goats are being culled the rocks are filling with water that the goats normally drink from – if there are no goats to drink from these rocks then mosquitos will breed in the rocks and this will be an ongoing problem.

  2. The problem of mosquito infestation on the Netherlands Caribbean islands is alarming.I have been a personal victim of serious mosquito attacks while visiting as a tourist on the islands. On Statia and Saba for example, serious action must to be taken with an aim towards permanent eradication of these life threatening insects, mosquitoes,if the powers that be are seriously considering the encouragement of visitors and tourist to the islands. Corporate groups, village groups,businesses and foundations all need to get together and corporate in a clean up exercise of debris, waste, bottles and scrap materials on the islands. Such exercises can have diverse effects on the moral, love, togetherness and care of the people for the sustainability of their environment. I will be ready to volunteer my services, if necessary, when that occasion arises. I also suggest that the exercise be headed by the Tourism Sector on each island.

    Adopted Son.

  3. mosquito spreading diseases

    Government can play best role to reduce pollution of mosquito. Public awareness is must for every country. People should take care of cleanliness and follow few guidelines to eradicate with this problem.

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