Saturday , April 1 2023

Saba girls envision their future during Sister Talk

Saba had its second Sister Talk, which consisted of three workshops led by Lysanne Charles-Arrindell. This weekend, Saba’s girls had the chance to envision their future.

Participants in the workshops had to fill out a personal project plan, which gave them obtainable goals to strive to achieve.

Lysanne Charles-Arrindell (standing) leading one of the Sister Talk workshops.
Lysanne Charles-Arrindell (standing) leading one of the Sister Talk workshops.

Charles is originally from Saba, but now lives and works on St. Maarten. She is the President of St. Maarten Alliance for Equality SAFE.

First, there was a workshop with students from Saba Reach Foundation. The next day, Charles did two consecutive sessions, first with a group of ten 10-13 year olds at Child Focus in Windwardside, and later with a group of eight 14-20 year olds at the Fire Department in The Bottom.

After filling out a six-month plan with five goals, which ranged from writing more poems and becoming a better swimmer to being less argumentative and to stop worrying so much, the girls formulated concrete objectives on how to get there.

Once the plans were finished, the girls were enthusiastic and very eager to get started on realizing their plans, whether small or big.

The Sister Talks are a cooperative effort between Child Focus, Body, Mind and Spirit, Saba’s Girls and Boys Sports Society’s afterschool care, Government Service Caribbean Netherlands RCN, and Saba Reach Foundation. This edition was also financially supported by Pink Orange Alliance.

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