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The Executive Council informs Island Council of Captain’s Quarter sale process. (updated)

The Executive Council of The Public Entity Saba informed the Island Council of the ongoing sale of the Captain’s Quarter property. In the memo to the Island Council Members which was presented by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, it states that in June of 2004, the Island Council whose members at that time were Rolando Wilson, Will Johnson, Lisa Hassell, Steve Hassell and Lucia Woods, unanimously voted to sell the property under the condition that it be “developed for touristic purposes only,” and subsequent meetings of the Island Council over the years have only reinforced this position. Despite the intention to sell the property, it could not be sold until legal issues with the previous lessors were resolved.

Captain’s Quarters today
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In 2011, when The Public Entity Saba became the sole owner of the property, work began in earnest to complete a sale of the property so that it would become a viable part of the island’s economy once again. For the past three years, the Island Council has approved the last three multi-annual budgets which have included the Land Policy which stated the intention to sell off the parcels of land of the former Captain’s Quarters. This process culminated in January 2015, when the Public Entity Saba in close cooperation with the CFT began a two phase bidding process.

In the first phase potential buyers had to indicate what price they would pay and would also provide a  development plan for the property for one of the following purposes: hotel and/or restaurant, cultural or educational institution or dwelling. This was later narrowed to include developments that were for tourism purposes only. Also 80 percent of the minimum value of lowest appraisal had to be met in order to qualify for phase two.

When a bidder met the requirements for phase two, they had opportunity maintain or raise their bid for the property. The successful bidder was the highest bid in comparison to the other acceptable bids. This process was finalized in November of the same year.

The bidding process for the property, which has been defunct since the passage of Hurricane Georges in 1998, has been completed and a sale agreement has to be negotiated with the perspective buyers.

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