Wednesday , February 28 2024

Weather forecasts and warnings from the Dutch weather institute, KNMI

Since January 2016, the Dutch weather institute. KNMI, is providing weather forecast for Saba & Statia, a maritime forecast for our sea area and warnings.

Surprise: YES IT IS IN ENGLISH!!!!

This is an example of the page with weather forecasts for Saba

There is a special forecast for our sea area:

This is an example of the page with Maritime forecasts

and there are warnings for hurricanes and other significant weather.

This is an example of the page with meteorological warnings.

You can find the direct links to these pages on our website:

In the NEWS menu on the home page of (bottom right corner)

and just above the real-time weather information from Chris Meijvogel’s weather station in The Bottom. Scroll down the right column of our home page.


(KNMI = Koninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut)

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