Sunday , February 5 2023

Saba Initiative ready for kick off on February 15

An information evening was held Monday at Queen Wilhelmina Library in The Bottom about Saba Initiative, a training programme for everybody on Saba who is looking to develop his or her personal skills and lifestyle, writes The Daily Herald.

Together with Body, Mind and Spirit, psychotherapist Suchita Peeters has developed Saba Initiative, which is sponsored by Oranje Fonds, through Cooperating Funds (Samenwerkende Fondsen).

Anybody is free to take part in the training and the organizers hope that participants will be able to find out what they want in and from life, and what they can do to move towards it.

The activities during the training will range from mindfulness exercises to inquiries of stressful thoughts and from “how-to-exercises” to action plans.

Peeters will also train Sabans to keep the course going in the long run. ‘”What I see for Saba is the opportunity for everyone to participate in this training, to improve their personal growth and to make their lives so much more fun, interesting, happy, worthwhile and exciting,” she said about the programme.

Body, Mind and Spirit’s programme coordinator Johan Schaeffer hopes that Saba Initiative will stimulate people, who have a hard time carving out their niche in Saba’s community, in finding their place through these trainings, and that this would eventually lead to a healthy community.

Saba Initiative is set up as a two-year programme, and the first series of 10 weekly training sessions will start Monday, February 15.

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