Friday , March 24 2023

Youth and Family Centre launches new radio show

Centre for Youth and Family (CYF) introduced their new “Read with Me” radio show on The Voice of Saba Q93.9 FM, writes The Daily Herald.

Every weekday after the 6:00pm news, an interesting and entertaining story will be read on the radio. On Wednesdays a Dutch story will be read. CYF encourages all parents and children on Saba to listen to the stories together.

CYF is providing this community service because: “Reading is an important tool in the language and speech development, but also improves the interaction between parents and children. Reading a story together is cosy and familiarises children with spoken and written language. When reading is introduced to children from the baby age and up, children will experience that a book is different to a plush animal.

“Pages can be turned, you can look at the pictures, the colours, shapes, feel textures and adults tell fun stories. Discover together which big animals hide themselves and how bugs and ladybugs crawl around in books….let your imagination go freely…” CYF stated.

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