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New Windwardside Parking Lot to Open on Tuesday; Parking on the Street no Longer Allowed

On Tuesday, February 23rd , the new parking lot on Windwardside will be open for use for the first time. When this parking lot opens, the traffic situation in the island’s main commercial village will change. One change that will be welcomed by anyone who has had to deal with the congestion on the streets is that parking will no longer be permitted on the road, only in specifically designated areas.

A section of A. E. Johnson Street, one of the streets in Windwardside where parking will no longer be permitted.
A section of A. E. Johnson Street, one of the streets in Windwardside where parking will no longer be permitted.

As of Tuesday, parking will no longer be allowed on the A. E. Johnson Street from the area known as Banana Gut until the house of Eunice Hassell and on the Fort Street from Big Rock Supermarket until the Post Office. These new rules are being put in place to reduce the amount of traffic parked on the road and to ensure the smooth flow of traffic in Windwardside, which has become a growing nuisance.

Until March 1st, persons that will be parking in Windwardside may park in designated areas without time limitations. After this date, short term parking will be possible in the following parking lots: in front of the Tourist Office, the RBC Bank, and Scout’s Place as well as the one behind Big Rock. Motorists may park in these parking lots for a maximum of two hours. This will be controlled with a blue parking disc and will be enforced by the police department, from Monday to Saturday, 7am until 8pm. The blue parking discs, which are free, will be made available at stores and businesses in Windwardside with instructions on how to use them. Double parking as was frequently the case in parking lots will no longer be tolerated.

Persons that work in Windwardside or that will be spending more than two hours there should park in the newly constructed parking lot which was built to facilitate longer term parking. Pick up/drop off areas will be designated on the street for the businesses in the area.

The Executive Council is aware that parking has been a long standing issue, and while the new regulations will take some time to get used to, hopes that there will be cooperation, which is in the interest of everyone.

Saba Government Information Service

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