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Jose Rosales acts temporarily as Police Chief

Effective March 1st, 2016 the Chief of Police of the Dutch Caribbean Police Force of (KPCN), Mrs. Hildegard Buitink, will retire. The procedure for recruiting a new Chief of Police has not (yet) led to the nomination of a suitable candidate. The procedure Force administrator (korpsbeheerder) hopes to conclude this in the short term. From March 1st, until the arrival of a new Chief of Police, Mr. Jose Rosales, the current acting Police Chief KPCN, will act in the function of Chief of Police.

Because of the departure of the Chief of Police on March 1st and the foreseen departure of the head of business operations, some provisions needed to be made within the KPCN Management Team.

In the framework of bridging the interim period until the appointment of the new Chief of Police a number of persons were found willing to assist. In order to allow the Management Team of The Force to make a collective start at the beginning of March 2016 an agreement was reached with the Head of Business Operations that, because of this,  she will resign effective March 1st.

Starting March 9th, Chief Commissioner Simone Steendijk, will be included as an additional member of the KPCN Management Team for the duration of the interim period. Mrs. Steendijk is a former Deputy Police Chief of the unit Oost- Brabant within the National Police. She has extensive experience in the local area police care and the detective department. During the interim-period she will become Deputy Chief of Police.

From March 1st Mr. Klaas de Jong will be linked to the KPCN Management Team for the duration of the interim period. Mr. de Jong has extensive experience in the Caribbean, including as acting Chief of Police KPCN. Besides the strengthening of the business operations within the Force, Mr. de Jong will, on behalf of the acting Chief of Police, function as the person who can be approached for answers to difficult and frequently asked questions.

Press release RCN.

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