Saturday , December 3 2022

Short term parking begins in Windwardside

As of Tuesday March 1st, short term parking will be enforced in designated areas in Windwardside. This means that motorists will only be able to park for two hours in certain parking lots. The parking lots where short term parking will be enforced are: in front of the Tourist Bureau, behind Big Rock Supermarket, next to Scout’s Place and across from the RBC Bank.

The two hour parking limit will be controlled by means of blue parking discs, which are very easy to use. A driver simply indicates the time that they parked their car on the disc and then places the disc on their dashboard so that it is clearly visible to an officer when carrying out checks. Persons should always keep the blue disc in their cars otherwise they may not use short term parking, doing so can result in a fine.

The blue parking discs which are to be used for short term parking in Windwardside.
The blue parking discs which are to be used for short term parking in Windwardside.

Parking in the short term lots are enforced from 7am -8pm, Monday through Saturday. However, parking on the street is never allowed. Persons that will be spending more than 2 hours in Windwardside and those that work there, should park their vehicles in the new parking lot, this is to accommodate customers of the businesses in the area. There is no time limit in the recently constructed parking lot.

For a short time no fines will be issued, drivers will receive a warning. However after this grace period there will be a $40 fine for the first violation and a $90 fine for every violation after that.

The blue discs, which are free, are available at Unique Store and Big Rock Supermarket as well as at the Government Administration Building. In order to collect the disc, a driver must provide their name and vehicle license plate number.

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