Thursday , February 2 2023

Winair announces reduction of fares

All passengers travelling on Windward Islands Airways International Winair are benefiting from lower ticket prices as of March 1 with the elimination of all fuel charges on flights operated by the airline. With world fuel prices at record lows, the company will eliminate fuel charges for passengers and cargo on its network.

Winair reduced fuel charges six months ago in accordance with lower fuel cost for the airline. With current fuel prices, the airline no longer will be required to collect fuel surcharges to cover these additional expenses. This will reduce cost for the airline’s customers as they no longer will incur these additional expenses.

The Daily Herald contacted the airline’s offices and requested information about the cost-cutting announcement. A reservation agent stated that fares to Saba have decreased by NAf. 1 and to St. Eustatius NAf. 2.

The Daily Herald.

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  1. Haha, that shouldn’t read March 1 rather April 1 (April fools). Are they kidding us? This is not even worth to publish it since they are now close to 200US per ticket. Not sure how many times they have increased their fare in 2015 but I guess several times. Sad story!