Sunday , October 1 2023

Opinion: International Women's Day

A thank you to ALL the female un-sung heroes on International Women’s Day.
To the waitresses, the bartenders, the shop owners, the hotel managers, the single mothers, the stay-at-home moms, the moms who work full time and still maintain a happy home, the educators and teachers, the volunteers, the committee workers, the nurses and doctors, the technicians, the security guards, the retired, the lonely, the old and the young, the daughters, the locals, the ex-pats, the bakers, the cooks, the baby-sitters, the jewelry makers, the crafters, the seamstresses, the taxi drivers, the singers, the actors, the hikers, the dive instructors, those who have a local family name and those who do not, those in recovery and those realizing reality, and most importantly- to the wives of misogynistic men who think it appropriate to selectively ‘hand-pick” women to rank, rate, and compare in ‘honor’ of Women’s Day!

I salute you all.

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