Tuesday , January 31 2023

Ministry Economic Affairs cuts cost of mobile operators in the Caribbean Netherlands

The Minister for Economic Affairs has changed two ministerial regulations, on a proposal from Agency Telecom, the executor and supervisor for telecom. As a result, a substantial reduction will take place on fees that mobile operators have to pay to the Agency. This reduction is retroactive per January 1, 2015.

With the reduction an economic boost is given to the (mobile) telecommunications market in the Caribbean Netherlands. Operators  may use these savings by, for example, investing in the improvement of their networks and services towards the consumer, or lowering the (roaming) rates, which consumers have to pay to the operators for services such as mobile telephony and internet.

The change of the two ministerial regulations does not automatically force the mobile operators to reduce their rates or to improve their services. Such an obligation may not be imposed by the Central Government. It is therefore up to the operators to actually use the reduction for  better and/or cheaper service to the consumers of the Islands.

Also the fees for radio relay are decreasing. These connections are, among others, important to make telecommunications traffic possible between the Islands, whether or not as an alternative to fiber optic cables.

The decrease in tariffs has proved possible because, in recent years, Telecom Agency has been able to maintain the total cost for the efforts lower than total revenues. Furthermore, as a result of the increased use of telecom, revenue for the Agency has increased.

In addition to the reduction of fees, also a reduction in administration is applied with the modified regulations . Operators have to give less data to the Agency. This also leads to financial savings for them.

For further information: agentschaptelecom@agentschaptelecom.nl

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  1. This may be good news for some but it does not do any good for our own local telephone company Satel N.V. This benefits the cellular companies Telcel and Chippie. The complaints on Saba is not regarding the cellular services it has to do with the high cost that Satel N.V. has to bring over to its internet subscribers. maybe the Tax laws needs to be reviewed in order to give Satel N.V. a break on services.