Friday , March 1 2024

Saba Police finds hennep plants

Monday March 14th in the morning hours the Dutch Caribbean Police Force (KPCN) on Saba found a large quantity of Hennep plants.

The patrol was directed to English Quarter where a man was driving around in a pick-up truck with hennep plants. Shortly after Police carried out a search in the home of J.A.D.J.H. During this house search police took into possession a total of 59 hennep plants and a quantity of already harvested marijuana.

Mentioned man is arrested and brought to the police station for further interrogation. Meanwhile on Monday afternoon, on instruction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the plants and marijuana were destroyed.

Press release KPCN.

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  1. Great…… another local business up in smoke. Perhaps this was grown for medicinal purposes? Even if it wasn’t, who cares! Instead of locally grown produce, now people are going to have to buy from overseas and God knows what that is mixed with.

    So silly that in this day and age people are still being busted for growing or smoking weed. I mean, even America is legalizing it. Perhaps the government should set up marijuana farms and claim a small tax on it. Heck, in 4 years Denver Colorado is completely out of the red and has a surplus by adopting this program. Think of the good that money can do on the island!

    If legalized, perhaps people on the island will switch their vice from booze (the legal drug that creates a world of problems) to weed. Have you ever seen anyone that smokes pot get into a fight or even an argument for that matter? In fact, don’t they usually support other local business as they often get the munchies and purchase mass quantities of food.

    Should we really be arresting entrepeneurs?

    The island has gone to pot!!

  2. Arrests and the burning of this kind are a total waste of time.

    The man was let go later that same day, so what was the point. That is usually what happens anyway.

    Police showing their power and acting like they work for a living.

    Let the people grow what they want. They are not hurting anyone.

    Besides, it’s only a matter of time before it is all decriminalized or legalized. We might as well get ahead of the curve and start farming for export. 😉