Wednesday , November 29 2023

Successful finish to Saba Fit youth health program

On Monday March 14th a graduation was held for the participants of Saba Fit- The Course: a twelve week program in which 12 children from grades 4, 5 and 6 were encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle. The children had weekly group sessions with a physical activity coach and with a counselor. They learned about fun ways to become more active, tasty ways to eat healthier and tools to improve self-confidence.

saba fit

Family members were involved as they play a key role in the healthy lifestyle options of the children. Caregivers were offered three meetings with a nutritionist, they received weekly personal updates by mail, and general information and assignments through a Facebook group.

The program was deemed a success and will likely be offered again next year. Many of the families reported that they were more aware of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. They implemented changes to their daily diets and made efforts to encourage activity.

Saba fit is part of an integrative approach by the Public Health Department Saba to prevent childhood obesity. Other elements include:

-supporting schools in improving their nutritional policies
-providing water and healthy snacks to a range of sports events and after school activities
-awareness campaigns
-helping restaurants and supermarkets in stimulating customers to choose healthier options

The PHD Saba would like to thank Saba Healthcare Foundation, Public Entity Saba, White and Yellow Cross St Maarten and Saba Lions Club for their support, and of course the coaches, participants and their families for their dedication.

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