Tuesday , March 28 2023

Permanent Dentist for Saba

Dear Readers, this is good news for all of you.

Until recently there was no dentist living and working on Saba. From now on Dr. Kestas Grabliauskas will be living and working on Saba permanently.
You do not have to travel for dental care anymore with all the expenses that come with it or suffer for weeks until a dentist comes to the island.
Dr. Kestas has all the qualities and certificates a good dentist should have and decades of experience. He will be working in the Dental Clinic located in the A.M. Edwards Medical Center, The Bottom.
For appointments you can call the hospital any time during working hours.
Dental care when you need it is now finally available on Saba.
Thank you for your attention. Take care of your dental health, it will do you good.

A day without a smile (with healthy teeth) is a lost day.

Dr. Rey van Eede.

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