Monday , May 29 2023

Entrepreneur of the Year 2015

Saba Business Association has awarded the “Entrepreneur of the Year 2015” to the owners
of Island Flavor restaurant Joani Child and Steve Zagers.

Entrepreneur 2016
from left: Steve Zagers, Joani Child and Wolfgang Tooten (photo The Daily Herald)

Joani, who moved from St. Vincent to Saba, has worked in the hospitality sector in various positions. She is well known as friendly and helpful and one of the great chefs on Saba.

Wolfgang Tooten of the Association presented the award to Child. Tooten said, “We are proud to give this award to Joani Child this year. Together with her life partner Steve Zagers, a local entrepreneur in the construction sector, they have built up from scratch a beautiful restaurant in the Bottom.
Their menu shows their commitment to healthy food choices and a large variety of local dishes and new Caribbean creations. Healthy drinks, their own little garden behind the restaurant and their professional attitude are a good example that local entrepreneurship is on the rise. They attract a colourful crowd and inspire people to meet and enjoy Saba at its fullest; her example can also help encourage young people to follow in her footsteps.”

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  1. Congratulations! A well earned award. We had lunch there yesterday with some of our guests from the US and it was great! Great food and a friendly smile!

  2. Congratulations Joani & Steve. Well deserved! We always enjoy your food, your nice restaurant and your hospitality.

  3. Sally and Mike Myers

    A big congratulations to Joanie and Steve! If we were still on Saba, we would be your best customers! Love and hugs, Sally and Mike in Mexico

  4. Hard work brings success. Your dream came through. Congratulations keep t riving for excellence

  5. Congratulations to Joanie and Steve. Together you accomplish success. Keep striving for excellence.

  6. Good to read there is a restaurant on Saba where you can have healthy food and a large variety of local dishes and new Caribbean creations !
    Congratulations for winning the award.
    I hope to visit your restaurant soon.
    I missed you on the list of Saba News..where to eat?

    Kind regards,

    Ron Lemstra

  7. steven mario zeagers

    Congratulations to Steve and Joani great place the two of you have created .The hard work shows !