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Saba Labour Party (SLP), a year in review

March 18, 2015 was the day members of the Saban community came out in a strong voice and expressed their discontent with the functioning of their electives. A voice that was evident for the naked eye that the people were concerned and discomforted on our beloved island Saba. Concerns circling around wanting to be heard respected and included in the activities and events of Saba.

The Saba Labour Party herein referred to as SLP, lead by party leader Mr. Ishmael Levenston and Ms. Monique Wilson is a party for equality, justice and transparency. From the start of the campaigning period we have vowed to have an open Government. A Government whereby the people are involved in the process. It was evident that there was a lack of communication with which the people were not satisfied. Do we have the ideal communication system whereby the people are current about the affairs of their island? No, however we, your representatives have been advocating and striving for transparency and clarity. We have advocated for monthly Central Committee meetings where the community is given a chance to voice their concerns and receive updates and clarification regarding developments of the island.


As Island Council Members we continuously are exploring all options to ensure that the people are included in the process such as organizing town hall meetings, using the radio, internet and forms of written information. Regardless of class, gender or affiliation you should be given access to the information. Consistency and approachability were and continue to be our backbone.

The Island and Executive Council are the voices of our beloved island Saba, however failure to be consistent in our actions and not being approachable goes against our oath. Since taking our oath on March 26, 2015 the SLP fraction has been utilizing all available options to be accessible, making it possible to address your concerns during formal and out of office hours each week. Many will always wonder why Mr. Levenston and Ms. Wilson come out each week to the Government building for consult hours and be on the road consulting with the people, we do it because we take our oath to heart and stand behind our words.

The development and sustenance of adequate water supply at an affordable rate has been a mission of the Saba Labour Party and has been a driving force for Mr. Levenston, constantly lobbying between Saba and the Netherlands. Advocacy towards the development of our local job market whereby locals are given an opportunity to reinvest into their island has been an active point in this past year.

Other subjects about which the SLP asked for attention by being vocal on a regular basis are, among others, the necessity to engage in the dangerous situation at Well’s Bay concerning the falling rocks; rebuilding Captain Quarters for tourism purposes while creating jobs at the same time; restoring the protection walls and re-energizing agriculture.

We have upheld a number of our commitments to you in this short 12-month timeframe and still have more to fulfill. We are forever grateful for your trust in the Saba Labour Party and know that we have not lost sight of our commitment. Ms. Wilson has stated openly in the Central Committee meeting that despite the party affiliations we have one Island Council which governs the affairs of our island and that is meant to mean regardless of your political affiliation we are not discriminative or biased, we are the representative of the collective community of Saba. Our oath and dedication to the People of Saba and our beloved island are what keeps us going despite the challenges. We take a stand against miscommunication and inequality that could result in the alienation of a certain group of persons.

In this year of review each of us can view areas of growth but also areas that need attention. We, the SLP fraction, are asking you to continue to work with us in addressing the concerns that affect us as a community.

Mr. Levenston and Ms. Wilson are looking forward to continue working with you and for you in the coming years. Let us continue to keep our Unspoiled Queen at heart in all our interests and driving forces.
SLP board and Island Council Members.

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