Thursday , February 2 2023

Executive Council Pleased with Public Cooperation with New Parking Regulations

It has been a month since the opening of the new parking lot in the Windwardside and The Executive Council of Saba is “pleased” with the cooperation that it has received from the public so far. Since February 23rd, when the new parking lot became operational motorists are not allowed to park on the E. A. Johnson Street as well as The Fort Street, also since March 1st, motorists may only park for a maximum of two hours in short term parking areas.

“We are really pleased to see that persons really followed the new regulations from the beginning. It was a quite a transformation from one day to the next in the streets of Windwardside. One day, cars were parked along the streets and the next day, the streets were empty, which is remarkable if we look at how long street side parking has been the norm,” stated Commissioner of Finance, Bruce Zagers.

The entrance to the parking lot in Windwardside
The entrance to the parking lot in Windwardside

A grace period of one month was given before enforcement, which is to begin on April 1st, takes place. However the Council believes the cooperation of the public during the grace period shows that people really want to help alleviate the congestion created by parking in the street.

“On behalf of The Executive Council, I would like to thank the general public for their willingness to work with the Council to solve this issue. Many residents and frequent visitors to the island have approached the members of the Executive Council and let us know that the new parking lot has been a great asset to the island. I would in particular like to thank the businesses in Windwardside, who have asked their employees to cooperate and park in the new parking area, during the working hours. This has truly made a difference,” the commissioner said.

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