Wednesday , November 29 2023

Saba ranks three on Condé Nast list

Saba is number three on the most recent Condé Nast Traveller list “The most beautiful Caribbean islands,” published on the Fox News website on Monday.

Saba received much praise: “It may not be the largest or best-known Caribbean island, but Saba’s unspoiled and undeveloped environment makes it memorable. Located in the Lesser Antilles chain just south of [St. Maarten/St. Martin – Ed.], the island’s appeal extends both above and below the coastline, from the jagged silhouette of Mount Scenery (an appropriate name) to the diverse and colourful coral reefs. It also happens to have some of the friendliest locals you’re likely to encounter.”

Number one on the list of the most beautiful Caribbean islands was Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Number two Barbados, number four Guadeloupe and number five was the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Saba Commissioner of Tourism Chris Johnson was happy with the positive news. He said that it meant a lot for Saba to be listed with the other four big name destinations by the large, popular outlet Condé Nast.

Johnson complimented the stakeholders in the tourism industry for “keeping their product on such a high level which certainly helped to receive this distinction, and to the Saba people for maintaining pride in their island community and its environment.”

The Daily Herald.

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