Sunday , October 1 2023

Helen Hassell promotes Autism Awareness

Saba Remedial/Special Education Teacher Helen Hassell of Sacred Heart School (SHS) is doing her part to promote Autism Awareness in April.

Helen Hassell

With the cooperation of Government and businesses, the Autism Awareness puzzle ribbon, the internationally recognized symbol for Autism, will be displayed around the island beginning April 1. The ribbons were coloured by some students and will be on display throughout April.

Hassell urges Sabans “to make sure those with Autism are truly valued for their unique talents and gifts, and feel embraced.”

In April, SHS students will participate in Autism awareness by listening to stories and learning the history of the Autism Awareness ribbon among other things. Students, faculty and staff will wear puzzle ribbons to show their support for Autism Awareness. Hassell will host a power-point presentation for the faculty, and there will also be workshops and other events to help parents learn more about Autism.

The Daily Herald.

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