Friday , December 1 2023

State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma allocates two times 4 million to projects against poverty and debts.

The newspaper De Telegraaf reports that State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma (Social Affairs) allocates two times 4 million to projects against poverty and debts. The 8 million in total is a “helping hand” for projects that “have a country wide impact and that offer a sustainable contribution to prevent poverty and debts”.

It relates to projects focusing on vulnerable groups. For example, the initiatives are intended for children who grow up in a family with a low income, young people with financial problems, families with single parents, households with long-term low income and non-Western households.

From 23 May onwards, applications for a share of the first 4 million can be submitted. Next year the other 4 million will come available. Interested organizations and foundations will have to contribute 25 percent of the cost of their initiative.

This year, for the first time since the outbreak of the financial crisis, it is expected that in The Netherlands  poverty will reduce again. Yet, Klijnsma is concerned that there are still children growing up in poverty and that some families live in poverty for a long time.

Municipalities did already receive 90 million euro extra to fight poverty and debt.

What is the low-income limit in European Netherlands?

CBS has defined the low income limit for the European Netherlands at $1120 per month for a single person and $ 2110 for a family with two children

They reported that, in 2014, more than one in ten households had an income below this limit. That works out to 734,000 households. This is slightly above the number for 2013.

Households that have to get by on a low income for at least four consecutive years are referred to as the long-lasting group. In 2014 this group has increased dramatically when the number reached 217,000 households. An increase of 24,000 or more than 10%. “These are the people who got poor at the start of the financial crisis, because they lost their jobs and had to rely on social support. Many of them are still under the low-income limit. “

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