Sunday , May 28 2023

Easter Benefit Concert for Saba senior citizens

Henry Carlyle Every Home for the Aged held its Easter Benefit Concert at Princess Juliana Sports Field in The Bottom on Sunday night, writes The Daily Herald.

The concert was held to raise funds for the upcom ing travels of the Home’s residents. They are planning a cruise that will leave from St. Maarten and sail to several Caribbean islands. The trip is open to all residents of the Home, while some of the elderly of Senior Activity Centre have also shown interest in taking part.

easter benefit concert 2016The Benefit Concert helped raise funds to bring necessary medical equipment on the trip, as well as help pay for the cruise tickets.

The timeline for the trip is not finalized as more money is needed to cover all of the cost, but they are hoping to go in 2016. People interested in assisting Saba’s seniors may bring donations directly to Every Home.

Sunday’s Concert opened with food and shows by Blood Band and Saba Spice Band, and “back in the days” on screen.

The opening ceremony and prayer at 7:00pm were followed by performances by Home away from Home Jolly Group, Elizabeth Hassell and Louise Peterson, The Wesleyan Holiness Children’s Choir, the Anglican Church, the Love and Independence for Elders Centre, Dr. Jack Buchanan, Saba University School of Medicine students, Benevolent Foundation Saba staff and DJ Uncle Davio. There was a good turnout and the show was enjoyed by all.

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