Sunday , October 1 2023

Opinion: Problems with delivery of mail addressed to Saba

Dear Editor,

I would like to share the following concerns with the people on Saba.

Following my experiences, there is quite a serious problem with the delivery of mail to Saba. There is NOT a problem a problem with the postoffice here on Saba, but with probably Flamingo Post.

If you have similar experiences as as described below, I invite you to send me a message.

In all my cases there was not any error with the address written on a package, envelope etc.: all addresses were written in a complete and correct way. In November last year a package was sent to Aruba instead of to Saba. After more than 1 month it was returned to the Netherlands as being “undeliverable”. Also NL-Post did not understand how this could have happened. Anyway, the package was sent a second time, but was of course too late for Santa Claus and even for Christmas.

In February, I received my new credit card from my bank in the Netherlands. First, it had been missent to Bonaire and then it arrived 2 months too late on Saba.

On the 8th of March I received a letter from the notary that had been sent from St Maarten on the 18th of February.

Later in March I received the annual overview from the Sociale Verzekeringsbank in the Netherlands. First, it that had been missent to St Kitts. It had been stamped by Flamingo on February 22.

On the 3rd of March an official decision from the Belastingdienst in Eindhoven has been sent and even today – the 19th of April – it has not arrived yet.

According to the Post Office on Saba,  it is on St Maarten that the selection of mail is causing these problems. And again: I’m NOT blaming the post office here on Saba.

If you have similar complaints about mail in the beginning of 2016, I ask you to either send me an email to with some details or make your complaints directly to Flamingo Post.

René Caderius van Veen.

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