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First Chamber delegation in Caribbean Netherlands

A delegation of twelve members of the Dutch Parliament’s First Chamber is currently visiting the Dutch Caribbean. The delegation, headed by Chairman of the Chamber’s Standing Committee for Kingdom Relations Ruard Ganzevoort, is paying working visits to all islands. The Dutch Parliamentarians were in Saba on Wednesday, and will be visiting St. Eustatius today, Thursday.

Residents of Bonaire meeting members of the Dutch Parliament’s First Chamber delegation at El Mundo on Tuesday.
Residents of Bonaire meeting members of the Dutch Parliament’s First Chamber delegation at El Mundo on Tuesday.

The trip is in preparation for the debate on the evaluation of the islands’ new constitutional status since October 10, 2010, which will be held June 21. On the islands the delegation will exchange views on experiences with the new constitutional structure and its regulations, in addition to the reactions they received earlier from the Caribbean Netherlands.

In addition to administrative and political responses, the delegation is also interested in the experiences of various sectors of society and the people in general, and has therefore planned meetings with representatives of civil society, non-governmental organisations and the inhabitants of the islands.

On Tuesday, residents of Bonaire were able to talk to members of the First Chamber delegation. During a meeting at El Mundo’s square they shared their personal experiences, concerns, wishes and hopes for the future.

The First Chamber delegation visited Saba on Wednesday, and met with residents at Breadline Plaza in Windwardside during the evening.

Today, the Dutch Senators are in Statia, where they will be meeting with residents at Mega D. Youth Foundation from 5:00 to 7:00pm.

Apart from Chairman Ganzevoort, who is a member of green-left Groen- Links party, the First Chamber delegation consists of Helmi Huijbregts- Schiedon of conservative VVD, Sophie van Bijsterveld of Christian Democrat CDA, Hans Engels Peter Ester of Christian Union, Christine Teunissen of Party for Animals PvdD, Diederik van Dijk of orthodox Christian party SGP, Jan Nagel of party for seniors 50PLUS, and Henk ten Hoeve of independent Senate fraction OSF.

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