Thursday , February 9 2023

National Ombudsman: “Number of complaints still rising”

National ombudsman Reinier van Zutphen again had the chance to accumulate many official complaints during his latest visit to the Caribbean Netherlands, which has now been concluded. All individuals who have a grievance with the government had the chance to make these known to Van Zutphen and his team.

‘We are happy to say that the open office hours were well frequented yet again ’, says Hans Oosterveer. He is one of the representatives who visit Bonaire annually in order to collect all complaints filed. ‘We have received many complaints about the leasehold system and alimony, as well as about medical care, the health care insurance office (ZVK) and immigration service (IND). These are matters that especially young families and the elderly face on a daily basis. We intend to take immediate action on these issues’.

The National ombudsman also spoke with a group of high school students during his visit. ‘Especially the Ombudsman for Children could play an important role regarding the rights of these youths’, explains Reinier van Zutphen. ‘ ‘I can only speak out about government bodies, but an Ombudsman for Children has a wider scope’. However, no extra budget has been made available for this public authority, much to Van Zutphen’s surprise: ‘Having children’s rights high on the agenda in The Hague comes with an obligation. The Ombudsman for Children is charged with the whole of the Netherlands; you can’t just pass over part of the territory.’

Even when the National ombudsman team is not physically present on the islands, people can still send in their complaints. This can be done through or via Whatsapp to +31 6 21462188. Visit the Facebook page for more information: Nationale ombudsman Caribisch Nederland.

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