Wednesday , February 1 2023

Guardianship Council signals problems related to maintenance allowance

Guardianship Council wants to express its concerns over the fact that more and more fathers are not paying their maintenance allowance obligations. They want to emphasis that persons who have an obligation to pay, must take their responsibility.

An agreement on alimony can be reached on the initiative of one of the parents, a guardian or by a child (when he or she has reached the age of 18). If the parents cannot reach an agreement on alimony, the court will make a ruling. Based on the factual information and the advice of the Board of Guardianship Council, the court may impose an obligation to pay.

Not honoring a payment obligation, can lead to severe tension between parents, which is not in the best interest of the child. It is important to avoid such situations.

The Guardianship Council wants to point out that it remains the parents responsibility to protect their child, both financially and emotionally. Even though sometimes life circumstances can be difficult at times. If there is a payment obligation, persons involved should take their responsibility and follow the agreed on terms of payment. If the person responsible doesn’t pay on time, it can lead to sanctions.

In May the Guardianship Council will give more information about this topic and the other tasks and responsibilities.

Press release RCN

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