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Basic quality for entire primary school education in Caribbean Netherlands

All 12 schools for primary education in the Caribbean Netherlands meet basic quality. This was established by the inspectors of the Education Inspectorate’s Caribbean Netherlands team following (quality inspections and) progress meetings which took place on St. Eustatius, Saba and Bonaire during the past two weeks.

State Secretary Sander Dekkers (Education) reacts:
“It is fantastic to see that the last three primary schools in the Caribbean Netherlands have now also achieved basic quality”. It shows what enormous achievements the teacher teams at the various primary schools are capable of. This strengthens my confidence that the schools will do everything in their power to improve education even further, so that the children in the Caribbean Netherlands will soon receive equally good education as in the European Netherlands.”

This time basic quality was achieved by the Governor de Graaff School on St. Eustatius and the Brede School Papa Cornes and Kolegio Strea Briante (formerly known as Kolegio Watapana) on Bonaire.
Achieving basic quality concerns the educational learning process and the quality care. The learning achievements do not yet equal the level of the European Netherlands. This is a matter which requires commitment for the longer term.

Increasingly more schools in the Caribbean Netherlands manage to raise their education to a sufficient level. Educational institutions which achieved basic quality at an earlier stage are:

• Fundashon Forma (social opportunity pathways for the young) and primary schools De Pelikaan, Kolegio San Bernardo, Kolegio San Luis Bertran, Kolegio Rayo di Solo and Kolegio Kristu Bon Wardador on Bonaire;
• the Golden Rock School, the Bethel Methodist School, the Lynch Plantation SDA School and the Expertise Center Education Care (ECE) on St. Eustatius and
• the Sacred Heart School, the secondary education programme of the Saba Comprehensive School, the Expertise Center Education Care EC2 and the Saba Reach Foundation on Saba.

The criteria for basic quality have been laid down in policy documents on basic quality in education. Achieving basic quality is an important objective of the Education Agenda for the Dutch Caribbean, which has been adopted for the 2011-2016 period. In order to be able to fully achieve this objective, basic quality should still be achieved by two of the three secondary schools, by all three mbo [intermediate vocational education) programmes, one of the three Expertise Centers Education Care and one of the three institutions for social opportunity pathways for the young.

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