Thursday , November 30 2023

Rolando Wilson to become Saba's new Commissioner

Current Director of Own Your Own Home Foundation Rolando Wilson will be replacing Chris Johnson as Commissioner in Saba’s Executive Council on behalf of Windward Islands People’s Party (WIPM), writes The Daily Herald.


Johnson will be stepping down as Commissioner as of June 1 to take up a new position as the Head of Representation of the Netherlands in St. Maarten. Johnson has served as a Commissioner on Saba since July 2007.

Rolando Wilson
Rolando Wilson

His successor as a member of the Executive Council has been an Island Council Member and Chairman of the Central Committee on behalf of WIPM since 2003.

Wilson has served as party leader since 2007. He stated that he is “honoured” to be able to serve Saba and her people in this new role as a Commissioner.

WIPM congratulated Johnson for “being approached and being able to fulfil such a prestigious position. What’s even more noteworthy is that this is the first time that such a position has been filled by someone from the Dutch Caribbean,” the party said in a statement.

WIPM stated that Johnson has been instrumental in the progress Saba has made since he became involved in politics. “Chris has led many delegations and negotiations throughout the process to dismantle the Netherlands Antilles and to form the new constitutional status which we have now as a Public Entity. He has been a strong advocate for the elimination of poverty and for increased pensions. Chris was also instrumental in the field of education where all the institutions on Saba have met their basic qualifications. There will also soon be a project to build additional classrooms in St. John’s which he lobbied for,” the party said.

In addition, Johnson led all negotiations on a political level in the field of energy. “Because of his efforts Saba can now boast a relocated and modern power plant as well as resources which will be used to invest into renewable energy. Chris has proven to be a strong negotiator and because of this he has gained the respect of his colleagues, not only here in the Dutch Caribbean but in the Netherlands as well,” according to WIPM.

WIPM wished Johnson well with his “new journey” and expressed confidence that he would be able to succeed in his new position and do well in his new endeavours.

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