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Opinion: Change on the horizon for Saba’s government

Dear editor,

On April 23, 2016 via the Daily Herald presiding Commissioner Christopher Johnson announced that he would be pursuing a new venture as the new Dutch Representative. It was not until May 03, 2016 that the Island Council as a collective body was officially informed about the resignation of the Commissioner. A response that was prompted by the Saba Labour Party members Ms. Monique Wilson and Mr. Ishmael Levenston after expressing discontent with the manner in which the Commissioner choose to inform the current government of Saba.

A mere four weeks prior to there being an official turn around. According to the WOLBES Section 55 an Island Commissioner may resign at any time providing that a written notice has been given to the Island Legislative Council. The resignation will enter into effect as of the day being one month after the day on which he resigned, or as much earlier as his successor has accepted the appointment. With the official email notice being submitted to the Island Council and the announcement in the media that Island Council Member Rolando Wilson will be the presumed successor after appointment by the Island Council this process would have been thoroughly completed.

People of Saba there is a turn of the tide that will come with its own challenges. However we, the Saba Labour Party members are informing you officially about the status and process occurring at the present moment. Transparency, respect and due diligence is essential to be effective leaders. The question hereafter is to observe the process to be carried out from this point forward. Upon Island Council Member Rolando Wilson relinquishing his duties as Island Council and being appointed to the Executive Council, after upon receiving the necessary votes from the Island Council, there has to be the appointment of a new Island Council Member. Due legal process has to be carried out. The electoral board has to scrutinize the prospective Island Council Member to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest to performing his or her duties, such as not being a member of governmental boards, government employee etc. We, the Saba Labour Party are not committed to titles but rather to ensure that the voice of the people is upheld.

We, the Saba Labour Party, will continue to address the issues at hand and ensure that a fair and due process is upheld. Regardless of the changes within the WIPM party the issues still remain and will continue to address them on your behalf to the best of our abilities. United we stand and we will continue to be a voice for you.

SLP board and Island Council Members.

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